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  Detal Information:
Single Needle Roller Post-bed Integrated Sewing Machine with Automatic Backtracking, Trimming, Electronic Presser Foot-lifting, Needle Feed, Direct-Drive (Up Wheel)
1. The integrated head with the heavier weight enables the machine operating stable. The head shares the special design and beautiful performance. Additionally, it can be installed in either parallel or tilted, which does not need the extra board for installing. 
2. The machine is processed by CNC, which guarantee the quality and precision. The internal belt is unlikely break under this circumstance. 
3. Direct-drive motor occupies a little space, with advantages of the high stability, energy saving etc.
4. Users could set parameters of the automatic backtracking, up and down position of stopping needle, the speed of sewing, automatic power-off etc. Additionally, there is a quick buttons on the head. 
5. The machine employs the German technology in the trimming structure. The remaining thread after trimming is relative short (less than 1.2cm), which could reduce the consumption of the thread and save the labor cost. 
6. The twin rollers make the sewing fasten, smooth and be able to climb the thick materials. The stitch will not be wrinkled, no distortion. 
7. New type of the needle bar is more stable, which reduce the frequency of needle break and thread break, also it could provide a good performance of stitch. 
8. In terms of backtracking, this machine overcomes the defects which other companies’ shoes machines have. While implementing backtracking, the twin rollers are operating together, which ensure consistency of sewing length and sewing time. 
9. After trimming, the foot-lifting will automatically lift, instead of using knee controlling. It improves the efficiency of sewing work. 
10. Using large hook could reduce the frequency of exchanging the bobbin thread, which could increase the sewing efficiency as well. 
11. All-in-one machine enable the assemble conveniently, efficiently and stable. 
1. Used for sewing boots, work shoes, sneakers, leisure shoes, sponge, infant shoes, high quality leather shoes. 
2. Max sewing speed: 2500 S.P.M.
3. Max stitch length: 7.0 mm
4. Needle system: DP*5 

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