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(Single Needle Roller Post-bed Sewing Machine (All-in-one Machine))

1. The Integrated head makes the machine stable. The Unique design has good appearance. Also it enables operating and maintenance easily. 
2. The whole machine is processed by CNC, which improves the accuracy and  quality. Meanwhile we can keep the inside belt in a good situation. 
3. The direct-drive motor has the advantages of energy-saving, high stability, space-saving etc.
4. The double rollers make the sewing fasten, smooth and being good at climbing  the thick materials. It keeps the material in the best performance. 
5. The remaining thread after trimming is relative short (less than 1.2mm), that  decreases the consumption of the thread and saving the labor. 
6. Operator can do backtracking with hand-controlled button. 
7. The foot-lifting will be automatic after trimming, which raises the sewing efficiency. 
8. In terms of backtracking, our machine overcomes the defects that existing among other companies’ machines. It ensures the consistency of sewing length  and sewing time. 

quality leather shoes.
1. For sewing boots, work shoes, sneakers, leisure shoes, infant shoes, high quality leather shoes.
2. Maximum sewing speed: 3000 S.P.M.
3. Maximum stitch length: 6.00mm
4. Needle: DP*5 .

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