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Accessory D-3
GC 8B Shafts of Postbed Sewing Machines
GC 20U43 Shafts of Zigzag Sewing Machines
GC 0302 Shafts of Lockstitch Sewing Machine
GC 373 Shafts of Button Sewing Machines
GC 500 Shafts of Stretch Sewing Machines
GC 781 Shafts of Lockstitch Straight Buttonholing Machines
GC 3800(28-1) Shafts of Double Needle Chainstitch Machines
GC 5550 Shafts of Lockstitch Sewing Machine
GC 6150 Shafts of Lockstitch Sewing Machines
GC 20518 Shafts of Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine
GC 842/845 Shafts of Double Needle Sewing Machine
Shafts of Special Machines
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